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Gardening Tips

Australian Gardening is a unique experience. It is not easy to keep a garden going over a long period of time due to adverse weather and water restrictions brought on by long years of drought.

•   Plant Native Australian Plants: they thrive better and use surprisingly less water

•   Always Water in the Evening: once the day has lost it's heat the plants will take in more fluid

•   Use Organic Gardening Methods: encourage bugs as they add balance to the garden

•   Using 'Natural' Fertilisers (manure): be careful as some animal manure can be too powerful for some
      plants. Bird manure is best

•   Learn 'Best Planting Seasons' for Plants: the seasons are extreme in temperature and conditions
      and affect planting

•   Learn the Best Plants for Local Soil: soils in Australia range greatly and some need careful
      preparation for planting


Australian Flora Exhibition

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