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Tropical Plants and Flowers

Monsoonal Rains and Lush Greenery

Approximately a quarter of Australia is situated above the Tropic of Capricorn, however much of this land is arid with seasonal monsoon rains dumping water on Australia's 'top end' during the summer months from late September thru to as late as March.

Much of which water then flows south to the Murray River system in the east, into Lake Eyre from the mid-centre of Australia and Western Queensland and into the Ord River system to the west in Northern Western Australia.

These monsoonal rains bring the Australian Outback to life and along the coastal fringes creates tropical rainforests, the Daintree National Park in Northern Queensland and Kakadu in the Northern Territoy being the most prominent and mostly visited.

It is in these tropical fringes that a bountiful variety of bird life and plants and flowers can be found.


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